Protection visa (Subclass 866)

About Protection visa (subclass 866):

This protection visa (subclass-866) visa is for people who are in Australia, arrived on a valid visa and engage Australia’s protection obligations. This is a permanent visa for Australia. If granted, the visa holder can live, study, work in Australia indefinitely. Eligibility to become an Australian citizen.

Common Requirements of protection visa (subclass 866):

  • Must have arrived in Australia on a valid visa and immigration cleared.
  • Have well-founded fear of persecution, serious and significant harm because of their:

           - Race

           - Religion

           - Nationality

           - Membership of a particular social group, or

          - Political opinion

  • Have no other country except Australia to seek protection
  • Not barred from lodging a permanent protection visa application
  • Have not held Subclass 785,449,786 or 790 visas
  • Must meet Australian health, security and character requirements of the Australian government.

Including family on protection visa (subclass 866):

Members of the safe family unit may include in the same application if they are also in Australia at the time of application and eligible to apply for this visa.

Note: In Australia, a person who leaves their home country due to war, famine or simply seeking better economic opportunities are not a refugee. Unauthorized maritime arrivals are not eligible to apply for this visa.

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