Visa Refusals and Cancellations

Visas are usually refused due to complicated legal or factual issue, or by the failure of the applicant to prove that they meet the legal requirement for the grant of the visa.

If the visa holder was or is no longer entitled to hold the visa, then immigration authority may cancel the visa by following certain legal and procedural requirements.

The appeal process can be very stressful and time-consuming. It is necessary to make the most of the opportunity for merits review, as there may not have another chance to have the facts of your case to be assessed.

Most onshore visa applicant and visa holder and some sponsor of the offshore applicant have review rights if their visa been refused or cancelled. There are strict time limits apply to seek an appeal for your unfavourable decision.

Representing clients at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) requires a comprehensive knowledge of the visa requirements, the ability to research relevant case law, prepare submissions and present arguments to AAT also expertise in the processes and procedures of AAT appeals.

Vista Migration has represented clients successfully at the AAT regarding Visas Refusals and Cancellations. If your visa is refused or cancelled, we recommend you book a consultation with us as early as possible for our assistance. In the consultation, we will able to give you the likely issues of your cases and an indication of the prospects of your success also if any alternative visa pathways may available.

If your visa is refused or cancelled, we recommend you Contact Us as early as possible for our assistance.

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