Australian Citizenship

Becoming a citizen of Australia is the final legal step in your migration journey.

Becoming a citizen will give you rights to vote, have an Australian passport, visa-free travel to Australia and so on but this privilege comes with responsibilities such as the requirement to uphold Australian laws, its democratic beliefs, liberty of Australia and defends Australia if necessary.

Australia accepts Dual citizenship. You can become a citizen of Australia in different ways. Conferral and Descent are the most common ways to apply for Australian citizenship.

Assisting clients for citizenship application requires a comprehensive knowledge of the citizenship requirements, the ability to research relevant case law, prepare submissions and present arguments to the authority also expertise in the processes and procedures of the Immigration department.

Vista Migration has a successful record of assisting citizenship applications. Explore you and your family members citizenship eligibility and process your citizenship application through us.

We are happy to be a part of the final legal step of your migration story.

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